A core part of my work is finding out what works in sustainable economic development, and sharing this knowledge with others to improve policy and practice. There are three main aspects to this work:

  • formative evaluation, carrying out a qualitative assessment of what worked well in the project, what could be improved, identifying lessons learned and good practice and making recommendations for future work
  • summative evaluation, involving a rigorous assessment of the impact that a project, programme or policy has had, including a assessment of ‘net additionality’ (a piece of jargon meaning the overall impact that would not have happened otherwise)
  • dissemination, telling the world about the impact of the project, through case studies, videos, workshops, presentations or written evidence as required

Relevant projects I have delivered

Contract North wordcloud

Evaluation of Contract North

A qualitative review of the development of Contract North, a consortium of employability providers across the North East.

Logic Chain for LA7 project

LA7 Youth project evaluation

A detailed evaluation of this great project which brought together seven Local Authorities and over forty different training providers to engage, support and train young people not in education, employment or training (‘NEET’).

progress evaluation wheel

Monitoring and evaluation training

Design and delivery of bespoke training on monitoring and evaluation for small community and voluntary organisations on behalf of County Durham Community Foundation.

quotes from PAUSE evaluation

Evaluation of PAUSE Alcohol Harm Reduction Project

Evaluation of Meadowwell Connected‘s alcohol harm reduction service that serves disadvantaged areas of North Tyneside.

seminar logo

‘What Works’ Seminar programme for the Institute of Local Governance

A series of research seminars on economic development policy issues and effective interventions, on behalf of the Institute of Local Governance.