Economic Analysis

Sustainable economic development has to be underpinned by a deep understanding of the issues that it is aiming to address, the unique mix of local economic needs and opportunities.  I provide expert support to:

  • examine statistical evidence such as rates of business start up, qualification levels, unemployment and benefit levels
  • carry out local surveys to gain understanding and input from local people and/or businesses
  • examine best practice in similar projects or areas, using a range of techniques to find key messages that are most relevant to the project
  • consult key stakeholders such as potential project funders, experienced experts in relevant areas, local and national politicians, and wherever possible, end users

I can carry these steps out in an effective way, using established techniques, a wide network of contacts and a generous helping of good old common sense.

Relevant projects I’ve delivered

Logic Chain for LA7 project

LA7 Youth project evaluation

A detailed evaluation of this great project which brought together seven Local Authorities and over forty different training providers to engage, support and train young people not in education, employment or training (‘NEET’).

child poverty photo

Child Poverty Analysis

Publication of two detailed annual reports on the level and nature of child poverty in the region on behalf of the North East Child Poverty Commission.

rural business pods

Rural Growth Network

Supporting the Rural Growth Network for the North East to design and plan a set of support services for rural businesses and social enterprises.

Earlier work

Before I went freelance, I was responsible for some key pieces of economic analysis, including:

  • Research to inform the Regional Economic Strategy
    • I managed the Policy and Research function at One North East, overseeing a £0.5m annual research budget, and was responsible for the North East Regional Information Partnership (NERIP)
    • This required a strategic overview of the evidence needed to inform the regional strategy, and a clear plan of how to provide this
  • State of the Region Report
    • I commissioned and edited the State of the Region report for the Association of North East Councils
    • This required a detailed understanding of a wide range of economic, social and environmental factors in the region